My Octopress Blog

I'm no longer young but I still need the money.


This is my personal blog – I’ll try to do regular posts which revolve around the stuff I’m interested in.


I’m a professional software developer. I’m the founder of nexiles, a software development and consulting software. TL;DR: I’m a jack of all trades, journeyman of some.

I’ve been programming computers basically my whole life – I’ve started on a VIC 20, moved to a C64, an Amiga 500, an Amiga 2000, then to PCs.

Quickly after I started to study applied computer science I started to use Linux. I did a my diploma thesis at a company near Frankfurt, Germany. They created software which processed bank transaction data. This software was run on very big UNIX machines. I was introduced to the vi editor (not the vim) and terminals. I’ve never been able to use a non-modal editor efficiently disclaimer: I can’t type..

My first job as professional software developer involved creating add-ons for a 3D CAD system, which we coded in C. These add-ons had to run on all platforms the cad software was available back then: Solaris, HP UX, AIX, Linux, SGI/Irix and Windows/NT. We had one code base – enough said.

Afterwards I got involved in Linux kernel development on the ARM architecture – first using the StrongARM SOC, then moving to the XScale. I did the whole stuff, board bring-up, hardware debugging using a logic analyzer ), creating a board support page, maintaining kernel deployments, creating custom drivers for a custom high-speed measurement hardware, creating “userland” development libraries for them. This involved lots of shouting, cursing, head banging. created hard real-time drivers and software using xenomai, and I ported a soft-SPS software to this platform. I also helped to port over code which was written for a older architecture with a fixed, static memory layout to this platform (horrors!). This was a very fun time, indeed.

In the mean time, I was a co-founder of InQuant, which I and all but one of the founders left again afterwards to found nexiles.

During the time at InQuant – sic, fancy spelling – I’ve switched to do full-time web development revolving around the Zope and Plone systems. This was when I got fond of Python. Amongst other things, back then we’re hosted and developed the back end which drove the whole bunch of artist pages over at Warner Music, Germany. This was also the time when I got introduced and fond of Test Driven Development. Afterwards I got involved in Linux kernel development on the ARM

Nowadays I still develop using those fancy higher languages, and I got into coffeescript and we’re doing UI development using backbone.js in the enterprise world. Note: enterprise mostly means obsolete browsers, obsolete mindsets, obsolete operating systems and obsolete web stacks

I’ve come to a full circle now – I’m doing back-end add-ons for a PLM System which is used to manage CAD data created by the CAD system. But I’ve not forgot where I come from – I’m using Jython to overcome some of the Java/Tomcat/Apache/Oracle madness, and I’m developing my own, sane, lean JSON web API for the thing.