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Installing MacVIM With Split Browser Support Using Homebrew

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I’m a old-school coder and my first editor was vi on a old terminal hooked to some big-iron unix box. I never recovered – thus I’m still using a modal editor – MacVIM.

MacVIM is a Vim port for OSX with quite some extensions like multiple windows, editor tabs, nice font rendering etc.

There’s also a experimental branch which adds a file-browser side pane, which is implemented in Objective-C and thus very fast.

MacVIM split browser

Keeping up-to-date with this branch is tedious – cloning, pulling in new sources, compiling …

Today I accidentally found the homebrew recipe from Joel Cogen – and in his read-me a feature of homebrew which was new to me – brew tap <<github repo name>>.

Clojure for Windchill Development, Part 1

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I always wanted to know more about functional programming and lisp – so I thought why not use Clojure. It runs on the JVM and I can try out some real-world problems with it.

Normally I use Jython – a implementation of the Python programming language which runs on the JVM – to develop for Windchill.

This is the first part of a series of post’s I’m going to make to log my progress.

In this part I’ll show how to authenticate and search in Windchill using Clojure.

Jython, Oracle and JDBC

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I recently had the need to access a new table in an existing oracle database using Jython. I needed to atomically increase a field in for one row.

Here is what I came up with.

z3c.recipe.staticlxml Moved to Git

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I’ve got a request to update my buildout recipe to build a statically linked lxml library, I decided to move the repository to GitHub. This way, people can fork my code and submit pull requests.

As I ran into some issues during the process I did a quick writeup.